Benefits of a ClockRite system

Spend Less time on payroll 

The most basic benefit to your business is the time saved by employees and admin staff manually recording, calculating and processing attendance time. With a ClockRite system employees can clock in quickly and easily. The attendance software will calculate hours worked for each employee splitting out overtime where required. Hours worked can be exported directly into Sage payroll to make the process even quicker. 

Prevent buddy-clocking

Time theft can include everything from taking extended lunch breaks, or clocking in for a friend when they are late for work, otherwise know as "buddy clocking". It's estimated that over 75% of businesses lose money from time theft. A ClockRite fingerprint or facial clocking system will eliminate this problem completely.    

Human Error in bookkeeping

Nobody is perfect, not even if we use a calculator or spreadsheet.  Simple unintentional mistakes manually calculating hours for payroll can be costly and frustrating for the employees involved. 

Keep employees Informed

An all-too-common question for those working in HR is how much annual leave an employee has left this year, or how many sick days have been taken. ClockRite system software will allow you to keep track of all holidays and absences taken along with how many days are remaining. The software includes numerous reports to quickly and easily provide this vital information.

Stay the Right side of the law 

Being able to easily track employee's attended hours is a huge advantage.  Tracking this will help ensure your staff don't exceed the legal limit.

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