Legitimate Interests in Processing Personal Data

Definition of Legitimate Interests

'Legitimate Interests' refer to the interests of MIM Systems Ltd (ClockRite) in conducting and managing our business in a way that allows us to offer the highest possible quality of service in meeting the needs of our customers. The vast majority of the personal information we hold concerns individuals in their professional capacity, and is used by us solely to facilitate and maintain a professional relationship with those individuals and the organisations they represent. 

We hold personal data for two purposes, broadly definable as ‘Sales’ and ‘Support’, and both within the ‘legitimate interests’ of MIM Systems Ltd as defined by the GDPR Legislation.


Contact Data is essential in being able to respond to enquiries and determine how best to serve the needs of prospective customers.  We aim to follow enquiries to a reasonable conclusion, and may contact prospective customers using the contact details supplied in order to follow up on an enquiry, especially if a quotation has been requested. At all times this contact will be proportionate and unobtrusive, and we will close enquiries and erase contact details when an enquiry does not proceed to order unless consent is given for us to keep those details.

Once an order has been placed, contact data is essential in our ability to fulfil and deliver the order, and to advise the customer of any relevant information concerning their order.  

We hold existing customer's data in order to properly support their System (further detailed below), and to maintain accurate records in line with our legal obligations to do so. 


Contact Data is essential in providing timely and efficient support to customers. To this end we maintain a record of support agreements and associated contact information, and also keep notes detailing support incidents, their causes, and the action taken to remedy them. The maintenance of these records represents a legitimate interest in so far as they allow us to provide the expected level of service to our customers. To this end we may use supplied details to contact customers about renewing their support agreements with us. At all times this contact will be proportionate and unobtrusive. 

We use TeamViewer Remote Support Software in order to resolve support queries quickly and efficiently. For more information on our use of TeamViewer and how this relates the GDPR, please  click here.

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In all cases we are careful to consider any potential impact on you and your rights under data protection laws. You have the right to object to this processing if you wish, but please be aware that doing so may adversely affect our ability to provide you with the quality of service we aspire to. In certain cases (order history and invoicing, for example) we are legally obligated to maintain records which may include relevant personal data. If you wish to contact us about the ways in which we might use your data, please email gdpr@clockrite.co.uk


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